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MU173: Mary Ann Stenquist | Become Unshoppable: Find The Money To Fund The Life You Want—With The Money You Have

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU173: Mary Ann Stenquist | Become Unshoppable: Find The Money To Fund The Life You Want—With The Money You Have

18: Birgit Lueders on Let’s talk about your Eyes – IRIDOLOGY

Meet Birgit Lueders

Birgit Lueders is the mother of two wonderful daughters Emma and Lisa, living in Philadelphia, PA. She is a certified Master Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Iridology Instructor, and Wellness Coach. Birgit first learned the values of an organic herbal lifestyle in her home country of Austria. Since 2009 she has operated BirgitCare — a business focusing on health, wellness, and natural healing in Philadelphia, PA.  Through BirgitCare, she offers personalized wellness coaching to support her client’s emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing by using modalities like Iridology, Herbalism, Nutrition, and Colorpuncture.

In 2012 Birgit founded the Center for Iridology, where she is teaching Iridology Courses around the world and annually in major cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. In 2020, during the pandemic, she adapted her Iridology Courses for online certifications and was able to move her wellness coaching program online. Throughout the past 10 years, Birgit has been a known speaker in her field at numerous national and international EXPO’s, while being consistently featured on radio and TV. After being a Fellow, a Diplomat, and the Vice-President of the International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA), in 2020 Birgit became President of IIPA through 2023.

Show Notes

Can You Give Us a Little Backstory on How You Became a Master Iridologist? 

It’s a long path. And I swear, I believe that our destiny is written ahead of us, and somehow, we come into this life with our soul purpose and soul path. And we feel like we are writing it all up and then come into this lifetime, and then we live it. And if we live true to our soul, then we have every day for fun, or we feel at ease, or balanced, right. But if we do something that was not our destiny, or wasn’t our, you know, expertise, then work is work. Like then you feel like you really working all day and one of my friends who is also a colleague of mine, she said, I made my passion as my profession. And I never worked a single day. And I thought that was very interesting when she said that. Because when you’re really, isn’t it true when you do what you were supposed to do? I mean, just you could be different for every single person, right? But if you do what, like for example, you do right now we’re getting all the women together, you don’t work a single day, right? And it’s the same for me. I’m in a holistic field. And I wasn’t meant to be in a holistic field at all, when I started, went for school, and started a career and college in the finance world because I actually thought my destiny was making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, and then retire early.

So, then I can have fun, right?

I worked really hard got into a great, great job. Very early, early age 25 in a big, pretty much main world, right? I mean, there wasn’t like 25-year olds running around, you know, like me. But I was honored that I was getting, you know, moves to have this amazing career. And it was the American Express bank in Vienna. So, I still remember I had so much fun buying my expensive, like suits and, purses and march to work, right. But then there was one thing that was missing, I had no fun at that job. I had zero fun. I was good at it, but I wasn’t loving it. And so, there was this problem that I was talking about to friends that didn’t show like mentally, and because then I had fun on the weekend. But then it actually made itself clear that I wasn’t on my right path, Physically. I became so sick constantly in my digestive system, it didn’t matter what I was eating, I felt sick, nauseous, almost vomiting every Sunday. And I had this grandmother who was very connected to nature and herbs. And one day she said to me, maybe it’s not what you’re eating, maybe it’s what is eating you. And when she said that I was like, wow, this is true, because I was compensating not having this passion in this field, but buying myself expensive stuff and, travel on the weekends and party and have fun. I mean, I was young, right?

But then when it’s Sunday, hit around eight o’clock, I felt nauseous and sick. Because I was dreading forward to the future of Monday having to start this day, again, that I wasn’t happy about. And like I said, I was seen as a movie at that time, you know, anyways, it was the movie out groundhog days. Right? Groundhog Day. And when I was sort of moving, I’m like, that’s me. Like, it’s like, every day you wake up and you go and live for the same day. Same problems, but I knew, maybe I just have to stick it through for another five, six years. And then maybe I can work. You know, an American Express Bank as a branch manager in Singapore, which has been taught to me so far, like, okay, I just have to put the time down, right, I have to just invest my life into it. But you know what, I didn’t make it beyond three years, I made it to two and a half years with so many digestive system issues, with so much misery physically, not even like emotionally that one day, then I was sitting in the office, looking at the stock exchange and currency exchange values. And I saw an ad for flight attendants. And something really strong kind of pulled me to this ad, it was really tiny, it says, flight attendant wanted, called this number. And I’m like, I mean, I was way overpaid, you know, for being a flight attendant. But there was something that said, go do this, take time off, find yourself.

So, I call them up, went for all the tests that I had to do in Europe to be a flight attendant and you had to speak several languages you’re hired in a certain way to remember was way more? Yeah, kind of strict. So, when Aiden told me the next day, when I want to start with the flight attendant school, I was a little bit worried for a second with my left brain, and I know, you know, like the left brain, right. It’s the logical mind. Right? And the right brain was the one, no I want to have fun. So, in this moment, then I just went for it. I just took the pay cut. But at that moment, I started to realize that I didn’t work a single day, there was after six months of traveling for the whole world like India, Australia, and Africa and everywhere. I felt like you know what, maybe someday I have to start working, working again. Like I didn’t even register that this was work. But so, it was really fun for me as I travel around, but at that time, I still didn’t make any decision, honestly, because what did I do? I wasn’t happy with the education I had. And I was running away too, right? I mean, a flight attendant is a great thing. You don’t need to take any responsibilities. You just jump from one plane to the next. You don’t have any attachments. You don’t need to career you just travel. And I realized that I don’t know how long I’m going to do that before I decide what I should do in my life.

And unfortunately, that also came into a complete Hold then, because my father got sick in a very short time on pancreatic cancer. And I remember still when I was like 26, and saw the whole, you know, the cemetery filled with all the people because everybody loved my dad. And my dad really was a people pleaser, but he never took care of himself. So, I was standing there, and he passed away when he was 58 from pancreatic cancer and I was 26 and I looked around and I thought to Myself, I think time is short a life of 100 years. Like if we get lucky if we can live 100 years, I think it’s a short time it goes away in a blink of an eye. And I remember, all the people always say that to you, when you’re like 18. They’re like, enjoy those times when you’re like 18, right?

Yeah. And now I’m 48. And I just sent my daughter off to college and I’m like enjoy the college time. Same story. So long story short, that’s how I got into natural healing because I felt like, you know, I want to live a fulfilled life by giving back to others. And I discovered herbalism, yoga, wellness coaching. And I just stumbled into this whole field, because I wanted to understand how my dad could just pass away so quickly without any symptoms. And I want to make sure that nobody else has to go through the pain that I had, as a young adult, to lose their dad.


What Is the Big, Huge Research Behind Iridology?

So, we found out, for example, blue eye people or people who have like certain orange pigments in the brown in the outer ring of the eyes are having a hard time digesting the protein in dairy, so what that means is then, in your case, it might not be lactose intolerance. It might be Casein intolerance, which is the protein in the dairy. So, the moment you eat it, not a body’s working so hard, it can’t break down that casting. So, it trying to store it away, you know, I know mucous membranes well on because it’s an inflammation now. So now we are waking up with like, you know, having to clear my throat and feel like nasally and all the ingestion, right? Yeah, so this is exactly that. So free parts go into iridology, then I’m working on is the physical of eliminating certain foods that we know from the perspective of the eyes, then making, you know, emotional treatment for certain emotions, which can be a meditation about letting go of grief, right? Or it can be a brainwave meditation, which can let go of anxiety or tension. There’s also Emotional Freedom tapping that I use, which has certain acupuncture points, that you can tap on you to let go of that emotion. So, in my case, it was about sweetness in life, and gladly I ran off from this job that didn’t give me sweetness.


How Would the Audience Go About Getting Connected with Somebody That Can Help Them?

You can have them come to my practice, or nowadays since we’re in a digital world, where everybody can actually take amazing pictures of their eyes off their iPhones. So, if they connect with me, then I send them a little YouTube link on how to take the iris picture with their phone. So, then they can send me a left and a right picture. I can do online readings via zoom calls nowadays, which is awesome. Yeah. So, I have clients actually all over the world like my favorites are when the time zones are so different. Then I get up very early, and then I think about my work with my Japanese clients. Okay. So yeah, I can know it helps anybody to understand who they are with the blueprint reading of the eyes line also have to know how to read the eyes.

I want to make sure if I leave this earth that iridology is not dying out. This is where my next passion comes into place. I feel like I’m carrying on the light of iridology. It’s like, you know, when you see the Olympics, and they’re running with the Olympic flag within the brigade, you’re heartfelt. Yeah. That’s all filled with your knowledge, especially those experts. But people were not treating me that welcoming. I’m like, you know what, I don’t care, I’m going to hold on to this flame and let it not die off. Because it’s not true always that we need to have something brand new. We do not have to have that we can work with something that has already existed 1000s of years ago, and we just don’t want to make it die out. So that’s why I created my school called the center for iridology, and I teach chiropractors, I teach massage therapists, energy healers.


Can You Share One Success Story of One of Your Clients, That Would Help the Audience Really Understand How Valuable This Diagnostic Tool Is?

When people come and hit an iridologist, just the most likely run out of ideas what to do anymore to have, like, you know, symptoms, that doesn’t make any sense. They go for older medical, you know, diagnosis and diagnostics and nothing comes back, which is good. But in the end, that person just feels still dragged, tired, exhausted, and drained to feel that, Okay, everybody tells him that it’s just like in their head, but it’s not. So, then they end up finally, in my practice.

For example, I see one client, for example, came with me and she has, you know, dizzy spells, she had hair loss, she had nausea, and insomnia. When you put all those symptoms to get it doesn’t make any sense. So of course, she got the MRI and all that. And she came back one more, everything was perfect. No iron deficiency for tiredness. But when I looked into her iris are so certain signs around the corner, like the thyroid area in my Iris map, which is considered a thyroid weakness. So, then I told her I’m like, you know, did you get a thyroid test? And she says, Yeah, and it was perfect. And I’m like, you know what, I see a genetic really weakness in your thyroid areas. So, it makes sense for me that you feel tired, exhausted, drained, you lose your hair, you can’t sleep because it’s part of the endocrine system. And then I asked her, is anybody in your family? And she says, Yeah, my mother has been on thyroid medication for a long time. So, what is that what happens? Now usually, you would have to sit at home and wait for five, six years until you go every year back to the doctor to prove that you have thyroid weakness, right? And it might never happen.

Meantime, this client gained so much weight could lose weight, starved herself, and tried everything possible in a book to lose weight couldn’t and couldn’t get better. I gave it a thyroid based healthy diet. So, I use food as my medicine. So, in this case, it was a thyroid healthy based diet that also gave her supplements as herbs that supports a healthy but already nonfunctioning thyroid. And here’s the third part of what I did. The thyroid is associated that you have difficulties with your fifth chakra, which is your fluid area. Okay? So, fluid has to do everything with like, obviously, you and I, we don’t have any problems to communicate or we wouldn’t be on public podcasts right now. Some people, they have weakness because there was some press with the speech, or they’re not speaking the truth from what they really want to say because they want to keep the peace. So, I asked her what was going on with that and she found out that when she was little, she had very strong parents, and it was much better to be not heard just to be seen as a child. Remember that kind of old parenting.

So that’s what she learned that anytime she wanted to say Something she rather has suppressed it. And she had been also in a relationship there was like this, where she was very overpowered by this partner because she rather suppresses her opinion. And so, I became one person’s opinion. So, she suffered in this relationship as well. So, I had her go back to a psychologist to work with her speech and find out why she’s not expressing herself. So, once you discover that, then all healing came into place, she lost weight. She looked better; hair loss was gone. I mean, his whole thing just disappeared. And since then, she’s a great believer in iridology.


W Hat Is One Book That Is on Your Bedside Table Right Now?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


What Is Your Favorite Thing to Do on the Weekends?

On the weekends? Oh, Walk at the Park.


What Is the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

The best gift that I’ve ever received. That’s, oh, I think oh, book. My dad always brought me books when he went on travels. And what I really loved about that is because you could read about the stories from where he was going, and you have something to hold on to that was my best gift. And that’s how I became obsessed with reading. Because I’m an avid reader as well.



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