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MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Jean Kadkhodaian

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VIII


Jean Kadkhodaian

Jean Kadkhodaian was born in 1966. She is the fourth of nine children. The most pivotal times of her life were serving in the Army Reserves for 13 years, becoming a single mom, surviving several toxic relationships, marrying Dr. Ray Kadkhodaian and against all odds, creating an amazing partnership.

She enjoys traveling, hiking, painting, motorcycle riding, creating stained glass and caring for her pet stingrays and shark. Her passion for learning and analyzing are the foundations for her success in her own life and the lives of those she helps. One of her favorite quotes by Socrates is “an unexamined life is not worth living”. She believes that “An unexamined relationship is not worth suffering”. The person who hurts us the most, is the person we love the most. We get wounded through relationships and we can only heal through a relationship, by understanding what it is that our partner has to teach us.

In 2002, Dr. Ray and Jean founded The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, where they successfully created a unique method in working with couples, called “Couples Synergy”. As a couple, they not only teach relationship power tools, they lead by example. They have a passion for seeing things from the top, which has brought them to mountain peaks around the world. Dr. Ray and Jean are co-hosts of the Couples Synergy Podcast, where they bring you expert insights into relationships every Monday and interview a couple about their love story every Thursday.

They have two grown sons, Alec and Dinyar, a beautiful daughter-in-law Angela and a therapy dog named Jasmine. In 2018, they started an international company “Couples Synergy” to help people “create the relationship they’ve always dreamed of, with the partner they fell in love with” through weekend workshops, public speaking and their signature Couple 2 Couple program.


Jean Kadkhodaian
Couples Synergy


My Story

Reaching New Heights, One Step at a Time

In 2016, three things happened. Jean Kadkhodaian bought a Fitbit, watched the movie “Wild” and turned 50 years old. She wanted to end her 40s in a meaningful way. So, she set a goal of hiking 1000 miles in 40 weeks, her gestation period. This is the story of one woman who dreamed a dream so big, she could not possibly achieve it and then become the person who not only could but did, even after a devastating injury from a fall in the mountains. In the wilderness, she found great peace and love and changed her life forever.


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