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OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Dr. Jamie Thomure

Overcoming Mediocrity


Dr. Jamie Thomure

Dr. Jamie has a passion for helping people get to the root of their health issues. Believing in the body’s ability to heal when given the proper support, she teaches clients how natural methods and lifestyle changes can impact the body.

Jamie is the owner of DuPage Family Wellness, a chiropractic office in Warrenville, IL. While she loves seeing patients in her office, she desires to help even more people. In an attempt to do so, she has created two online courses: “7 Weeks of Real Food” and “Balanced.”

In “Seven Weeks of Real Food,” people explore how eating “real food” can be life-changing. Participants are encouraged to make changes to their eating habits, as they learn the “why” behind the recommendations.

“Balanced” is a program designed for women with PCOS who want to lose weight without just eating less and exercising more. Throughout six months, these women learn what is driving their symptoms and how to balance their hormones through natural lifestyle changes and supplements.

These courses help women to get to the root cause of their issues through small achievable steps. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, women discover which lifestyle changes would be most helpful for them to feel their best. They are also invited into an online community, where they can find the accountability and support they need to be successful.

In her spare time, Jamie loves cooking, growing veggies, reading, spending time in nature, and of course, hanging out with her husband and three daughters.

More information about these courses can be found at her website below.


Dr. Jamie Thomure D.C.
DuPage Family Wellness P.C.     


My Story

Finding My Passion by Getting to the Root Cause

Jamie’s story shares how the universe led her to believe that the body wants to thrive, and when we find the root cause of symptoms, it can heal. This created a passion in her to help as many people as possible live a whole and healthy life. She is now focusing this passion on helping women with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) get to the root of their symptoms and take charge of their health. The natural methods she uses may be different from traditional medicine but are backed with science. She tells many stories of lives changed through these approaches.


My Free Gift

BALANCED Webinar and Root Cause quiz

This webinar will give you access to the first three steps of our BALANCED method to help you find the root cause of your hormonal imbalance and finally lose weight (and get rid of your other annoying PCOS symptoms). We will also give you our root cause quiz, so that you can learn for yourself which root causes might be contributing to your hormonal imbalance.


Eugenie Ermis

Overcoming Mediocrity


​Eugenie Ermis

Eugenie is a middle-aged woman who has definitely learned how to clean her mirror. She continually works to remove any smudges that appear. She has also learned to love herself warts and all, which can sometimes be a huge project.

Her thirty-eight years of experience as a registered nurse, mainly in the behavioral health arena, has taught her invaluable active listening skills and the ability to recognize patterns in ones’ story. Because of her uncanny ability to read between the lines, you may think she is a mind reader.

Eugenie is a certified Transformational Coach through the Health Coach Institute and The John Maxwell Team. It is through this training that she developed her primary modality of using story and mirror work in helping women heal and transform.

Eugenie is an avid nature lover. She lives in Manning, South Carolina, with her critter crew. On warm, clear nights, you can find her walking at night listening to nature’s symphony.


Eugenie Ermis, RN, CTC      
Awaken Your Roar Transformational Coaching


My Story

Reclaim You by Cleaning Your Mirror         

How using the power of story to establish life patterns and mirror work can help you reclaim your core self, find your voice, and have more fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationships.           


My Free Gift

45 Minute Transformational Coaching Session 

In this coaching session, you will be able to:

  1. Identify at least one limiting pattern in your life.

  2. Identify at least one action step to create a new affirming pattern.
  3. Learn the basic Mirror Exercise.              


Sandra Dugan

Overcoming Mediocrity


Sandra Dugan

Sandra’s path started in the most ordinary way. She grew up in a small family, graduated from high school, and began her service in the US Navy. She wanted to fly fighter jets at the time. It was the 1970’s, however, and women just weren’t allowed to do that. So, with a big sigh, she became a Navy corpsman. This would turn out to be the moment she found her passion for helping people to heal from sometimes horrific injuries. She also found her calling to teach others the ins and outs of her field.

As time went on, Sandra found her way into the private sector as a medical assistant. Her skill in patient care was enhanced by her ability to relate to the patient and help them express their concerns more effectively to the doctors. She was, in fact, reading their energetic body and helping to translate that into medical jargon.

As her career grew, Sandra found herself working in corporate America designing, communicating, and administering benefit plans. As time went on, her path led back to a more patient care-oriented calling. She attended the Soma Institute in Chicago, IL, where she learned the ins and outs of clinical massage therapy.

As a national board-certified massage therapist, Sandra found her empathic talents coming to the forefront of her life. She completed training to become her empathic and energetic healing skills.

Sandra is the founder of Energetic Essence, an organization designed to merge her two greatest passions, healing arts, and the written word. Sandra is a Reiki Master Practitioner and has been trained in Shamanism, Qi Gong and clinical massage therapy. She believes that no one travels your healing path for you. However, you may encounter many who will help you along the way.

Sandra is currently designing programs in energy work, crystal healing, and the power of the universe. You can reach out to her at for further information and assistance.

“The greatest tragedy of human existence is the illusion of separateness.”  – Albert Einstein


Sandra Dugan
Digital Nomad


My Story

My Energetic Awakening

After a lifetime of feeling like something was calling her, Sandra stumbled across a book that would help her life make sense. Or perhaps, a book stumbled across her. Since that encounter, she realized that there are no accidents. When we heed the signs, life will lead you exactly where you need to be. When you don’t heed the signs, the universe throws a deer.


Mary Szenasi

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VIII


Mary Szenasi

Mary Szenasi is a holistic wellness coach and Shadow integration coach from Roselle Illinois. After working in the allopathic medical field for several years, Mary changed course and went on her journey to become a certified aromatherapist, herbalist and wellness coach. She is currently an active member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. As the founder of The 6th House, a holistic wellness practice that focuses primarily on the emotional and spiritual realms of the human experience, Mary guides her clients past the ever-elusive “stuckness” that everyone seems to be feeling during our times. Her goal is to empower others with the mindset and tools needed to conquer areas of stagnancy, dis-ease, unhappiness, challenge and hardships in their lives; past, present, and future. The primary tools she uses to help clients break patterns and support transformations are astrological birth chart analysis and Shadow integration. She understands this combination of inner alchemic work and self-analysis to be the path of personal soul retrieval. Always eager to add to her personal toolset, Mary is ready to be a student again, and start down the path to a degree in analytical psychology.


Mary Szenasi
The 6th House


My Story

Soul Retrieval: The Courage to Fear Less

Soul Retrieval: Courage to Fear Less is a story about overcoming great odds that surround childhood sexual and spiritual abuse. Sadly, childhood abuse and neglect are not uncommon things, and this leaves a large percentage of the adult population struggling. Mary’s story shines a light on how these things can interrupt the life of adults who are dealing with soul loss, due to the events surrounding childhood traumas. It also shines a light on what can happen when you become curious about feeling better and decide to take a path other than the one you came from.

Erin Pignatiello

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VII


Erin Pignatiello

Erin Pignatiello

Growing up, family was a constant and stable part of Erin’s life. Her strong desire to be a mother was born out of her family ties and the constant love that surrounded her. Erin was raised and still lives in the state of New Jersey. She has lived in the same small town for most of her life. In this small town, Erin met her future husband at the age of nine. They began dating at age sixteen and married at age twenty-five. A mother of three children, two girls and one boy, Erin was living the life she dreamed of having as a stay at home mom.

Erin worked for eleven years in various positions within her family owned business. She also worked as an ABA Therapist for children on the Autism spectrum. During this time, Erin was working on a college degree in Elementary Special Education. Erin is currently completing her bachelor of science in elementary education and special education at Grand Canyon University.

The summer of 2013 was a turning point for Erin’s health. She developed neurological symptoms that caused mental, physical and emotional pain. Erin spent two years going doctor to doctor, procedure to procedure, in search of a doctor and cure. Unfortunately, that doctor was never found. Erin was left to discover her condition and treatment on her own. This is when she became her own “Mighty Me”.

In November, 2016, Erin found relief from the use of doTERRA’s peppermint essential oil. This gift from God brought immediate relief and as a result, Erin dove into the world of essential oils and holistic living. Erin started her own business as a trained Wellness Advocate for doTERRA International and shares her story of personal triumph over sickness as she educates others about the use of essential oils.


Erin Pignatiello

My Story

My Story

Mighty Me

Life is not without its ups and downs, they are constantly there. They shape and mold who you are and the life you lead. As a wife and mother of three, Erin was leading a productive, happy, healthy life, and blessed with a great family, an amazing husband, and three beautiful children. Unfortunately, life has a way of butting in and placing obstacles in the way of happiness. As she entered into the “sick” phase of her life, she became bitter, angry, and, quite frankly, the woman she did not want to be. She was in for the biggest fight of her life.


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