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OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Shanon Boos

Overcoming Mediocrity


Shanon Boos

Shanon’s middle name is Resilience. From being a high school dropout to a six-figure earner and national achiever, she is limitless. She grew up through family dysfunction, including multiple divorces, alienation from her biological father, poverty, molestation, and teen pregnancy. A high school dropout faced with an unwanted pregnancy, her hard knocks weren’t over yet. Before she found God, she went through another decade of poor decisions, unhealthy relationships with people, and money.

She found it easy to earn money with natural leadership skills and work ethic. However, managing her finances/emotions was the hard part. She wasn’t raised with financial responsibility. Thankfully, she ended up in a bank job and learned the skills needed to really succeed.

She became financially self-sufficient as an author and business consultant with a team of agents. Shanon is launching an Evangelism Speaking Ministry centered around teaching believers to share their faith with permission using turtles as a tool.

If you are a believer that has traditionally been afraid to share your faith, the TOFP Movement is for you. As a person who did not believe for many years and resisted any “unwanted” efforts at evangelism. I want to encourage and empower believers to share their faith without fear — with permission. When done in love and with permission, the gospel is received without resistance.


Shanon Boos

Breakthrough Business Advisors  LLC

Turtle on a Fencepost Movement


My Story

Mindset Matters Most

Shanon is your success cheerleader. From her own life examples, she shares how you are in control of your destiny. She doesn’t just tell you to have a positive attitude; she shows you how and provides tools. From being a high school dropout to a six-figure income and business owner, she knows what she is talking about.


Dolores “MamaDuck” Allen

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume IX


Dolores “MamaDuck” ​Allen

Dolores “MamaDuck” Allen is the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of four. She is a retired Administrative Assistant and a Certified Youth Trainer (CYT), who resides  in beautiful Hancock, Maryland.  She is a survivor of a subdural hematoma, and, in her “new normal”, has continued to follow her dream of creating a curriculum of life skills resources for girls. She founded a nonprofit, “Sisters In Sync, Inc. (SIS, Inc.)  At present, the resources are being designed.

The My Sister My Friend Safe Place Kit consists of:

MSMF Teachers’ Manual – This manual contains information and guidance for the teacher. It gives clarity to the concept of “Creating a Safe Place!” as she conducts her classes for girls who desperately need to get connected with themselves and others in a safe environment. 

MSMF Curriculum — contains a variety of the modules and activities that provide introspection to girls from 8th grade to 12th grade. They are exposed to the positive life skills necessary for multi-dimensional growth and development.

MSMF All About Me Girls’ Workbook – This comprehensive workbook contains the modules and activities that comprise the “Safe Place” concept. It supports a positive value system, while it focuses primarily on the needs of cross-cultural girls from grades 8th to 12th.

The My Sister My Friend Safe Place Kit is an answer to the need for a purpose-driven life skills school course, as well as a solution to the great need for training young girls to be Christian leaders.

Dolores thanks’ God for the powerful grace and peace He gave her, when her heart was anxious; and His faithful “promises,” when fear for her future overwhelmed her. 


Dolores “MamaDuck” Allen
Sisters In Sync, Inc.


My Story

Orphanage Without Walls

Dolores “MamaDuck” Allen is the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of four. She is a retired Administrative Assistant and a Certified Youth Trainer (CYT) who resides in beautiful Hancock, Maryland. She is a survivor of a subdural hematoma, and, in her “new normal”, she continues to follow her dream of creating a curriculum of life skills resources for girls. She founded a nonprofit, “Sisters In Sync, Inc. (SIS, Inc.) At present, the resources are being designed. She thanks God for the powerful grace and peace He gave her when fear for her future overwhelmed her.


Heather Rosson

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VIII


Heather Rosson

Heather Rosson is a business and financial coach, who helps Christian entrepreneurs create great businesses and full lives. She believes that a full and abundant life is one that has God and family at the center, work that focuses on others and leaves room for ministry, fun and rest, eliminating burnout. Heather strives for each client to create the life they’ve always dreamed of, by focusing on their purpose first. Heather owns a local service business, AZ Moving Boxes, and understands what it means to be in the trenches. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household in the construction industry, she knows the sacrifices that are often made, and the stress involved. Her upbringing and experience fuel her desire to see others find joy in their businesses. Heather’s first love is teaching. She taught teenagers how to do math, love themselves, be kind to others around them and feel confident in what they are capable of. She always made sure that her students knew they mattered as people. She taught them the meaning of hard work, that perfection is a myth and they each have their own unique gifts and talents. When Heather left the classroom, she carried the same love of teaching into the world of entrepreneurship. Heather has a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Religious Studies. In 2012, she completed a M.A. in Practical Theology and a Certified Leadership Coach program. To add to her expertise, she became a Certified Master Financial Coach in 2019. Heather loves her Arizona desert life, with her husband and three children. Her greatest passion is to help others hear the voice of God in the way that He made them, through their gifts and experiences. She fulfills her purpose through coaching, teaching and speaking engagements.


Heather Rosson
Blessed Business Builders


My Story

Purpose First

Have you ever been through an existential crisis? Heather has. She has always wondered why she’s here. What is her purpose? Is this all there is? Why doesn’t she hear God’s voice? Then she realized something. God has been speaking to her, her entire life, even before she knew it was Him. Actually, even before she knew Him at all. He created her. He knows her better than she knows herself. She just had to learn how to listen for His voice. By tuning in to how God created her, she has been able to discover her purpose here on the planet. When an opportunity arises, Heather knows immediately whether to say yes or no. The real question is simply, “Does it align with her purpose?”

Lisa Oddo

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VII


Lisa Oddo

Lisa Oddo

Lisa Oddo is an educator of children with special needs at the elementary and middle school levels. She has a BA in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Teacher Leadership. Both degrees were earned at Elmhurst College. Lisa has taught children of various ages, abilities, and needs for 27 years. It is important for her to help each child learn from the academic, social, and physical skills and strengths they have and use those as a springboard for growth. She is active at the local and regional level of the Illinois Educational Association for the support staff in her school district.

Lisa has always had a passion for writing and editing. She edited the short story Misfortune that was included in an anthology titled Eclectic Beyond the Skin. She also edited a novel titled Relic of the Cross. Lisa wrote about of the passing of her mother from breast cancer from her recollections as a child. Her friend is culminating stories to help others who are coping with cancer in their family.

Lisa is very active at Bloomingdale Church, where she is a participant in the worship team, choir, Women’s Break Bible Study, greeter, usher, nursery helper, and has more currently taken on the role of the Governing Board Secretary. Lisa is also an ordained minister. She has a position on her homeowner’s association board and is a member of the Women’s Club of Addison, a philanthropic group which focuses on helping women and children DuPage County, Illinois. She has served as president, Philanthropic Chairman, Recording Secretary, and Mayor’s Charity Ball Committee Representative.

Lisa’s future writing goals are to publish a book of poems she has written. She would like to include photographs she has taken of people and places that inspired these works.


Lisa Oddo

My Story

My Story

Striving for Unconditional Love in a Conditional World

Positive living strategies and faith in Christ help us strive towards giving and receiving love. This chapter speaks about our desire to love perfectly even though we are sinful humans. Lisa uses scripture to share God’s love for us and his instruction on sharing that love with others around us. She shares what our love looks like, and how it is sometimes contingent on how others behaviors and how they show love to us first. We all make mistakes, and what we feel and show to others is constantly changing in different situations. God’s love for us is unconditional. This means that it is given every minute of every day in every circumstance, despite our shortcomings. Jesus’s love is perfect and unconditional. We can follow his example.

La Tanya D. Hinton

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume V

RESILIENT WOMEN - These stories are meant to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.





La Tanya D. Hinton

La Tanya D. Hinton is a Daughter of The Most High God, a Certified Nursing Assistant, Sunday school teacher, aspiring poet, spoken word artist and a cancer conqueror. She delights in being a servant for God. She has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in various health institutions in the mid-western states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. While she has received much joy in assisting the elderly in different nursing homes, her greatest satisfaction has consisted of working with medically fragile special needs children with cerebral palsy. La Tanya has also assisted in ministry work for the less fortunate.


La Tanya D. Hinton




When the Smoke Clears

La Tanya’s story is about how God used her bad habits and turned them around for her own good to help others in their time of need.




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