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OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Tiffany N. Lewis

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume IX


Tiffany N. Lewis

Tiffany N. Lewis of More Meaningful Marketing is a mother and an avid coffee drinker, with a wit and true passion for creating unstoppable content that is proven to produce.

After losing her corporate job for being a mom first, Tiffany vowed to follow her dreams of building a successful digital marketing business, while watching her daughter grow.

Tiffany believes that the story you tell others about your brand becomes the cornerstone of why your clients do business and continue doing business with you. Therefore, she’s passionate about merging personal and professional branding to create an authentic, unforgettable marketing experience.

Just when she thinks she’s got it all figured out, 90% of the time, she’s wondering if she walked out of the house with mismatched shoes, which reminds her that it’s important to stay humble.


Tiffany N. Lewis
More Meaningful Marketing


My Story

Working Motherhood Is Not for the Faint Hearted

As women, it is hard to find a work/life balance that works well in corporate America. If we work too much, we feel guilty as mothers. If we work too little, we feel guilty as employees. The struggle and sacrifice it takes to find balance sickness, daycare and deadlines seems impossible. As women, we have to be better. We have to unite and join forces to empower and lift each other up. This is needed to give our work and families the best of us and all we have to offer.

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