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OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Overcoming Mediocrity


Tracy Eisenman

Tracy Eisenman is the founder of a million-dollar business. She has coached hundreds of women over the last 15 years with her unique style, mixing science and coaching strategies she learned from Jairek and Amanda Robbins. She has worked with American Eagle, The Grateful Dead, and coached Veronique Bourbeau to win Malasysia’s 444k ultra-marathon race across the country of Malaysia. She was interviewed with Ted Turner and was featured in Seventeen Magazine.

Tracy empowers women to use their personal DNA code, along with reports disclosing hidden secrets about their health and what may be hiding inside. She implements her boutique program with timely workshops followed by her laser-focused action plans to disrupt your current lifestyle and recreate one that will serve you better for now and your entire life. Her unique style blends high-performance coaching strategies, modern-day science, and the ancient art of martial arts to help her clients create balance and success in all aspects of their lives. Tracy gives her clients permission to dream big and get the results they dream about.

Tracy holds degrees in biology and chemistry, and a certification in performance coaching. She is also a black belt in martial arts and ranked in the top 5 in kumite nationally.


Tracy Eisenman


My Story

Get Your Sexy Back

This is a story about how Tracy came to realize that a middle-aged woman’s feeling of sexiness hides between two truths and a lie. Once you uncover and release the lie, you can discover a powerful path beyond the lie that will empower you to get your sexy back.


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