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OM129: JD Gershbein | LINKEDIN: The Next Frontier

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM129: JD Gershbein | LINKEDIN: The Next Frontier

Overcoming Mediocrity


Shanon Boos

Shanon’s middle name is Resilience. From being a high school dropout to a six-figure earner and national achiever, she is limitless. She grew up through family dysfunction, including multiple divorces, alienation from her biological father, poverty, molestation, and teen pregnancy. A high school dropout faced with an unwanted pregnancy, her hard knocks weren’t over yet. Before she found God, she went through another decade of poor decisions, unhealthy relationships with people, and money.

She found it easy to earn money with natural leadership skills and work ethic. However, managing her finances/emotions was the hard part. She wasn’t raised with financial responsibility. Thankfully, she ended up in a bank job and learned the skills needed to really succeed.

She became financially self-sufficient as an author and business consultant with a team of agents. Shanon is launching an Evangelism Speaking Ministry centered around teaching believers to share their faith with permission using turtles as a tool.

If you are a believer that has traditionally been afraid to share your faith, the TOFP Movement is for you. As a person who did not believe for many years and resisted any “unwanted” efforts at evangelism. I want to encourage and empower believers to share their faith without fear — with permission. When done in love and with permission, the gospel is received without resistance.


Shanon Boos  
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Turtle on a Fencepost Movement


My Story

Mindset Matters Most

Shanon is your success cheerleader. From her own life examples, she shares how you are in control of your destiny. She doesn’t just tell you to have a positive attitude; she shows you how and provides tools. From being a high school dropout to a six-figure income and business owner, she knows what she is talking about.


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