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OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Overcoming Mediocrity


Sara Goggin Young

Sara Goggin Young is an Attorney turned Life Coach and Keynote Speaker, who uses a refreshing and unique combination of mindset, nutrition, and fitness to help you transform into your very best self. Sara has overcome many challenges, including six knee operations, addiction, and divorce, using her Power To Believe™ Toolbox. When Sara learned the tools to change her mindset, fuel her body with premium nutrition, and build strength through fitness, she transformed her own life. She let go of a negative mindset and started crushing her goals, including starting her own business to help others regain their confidence and drive; and achieved a Pan-Am World record, USMS National record, and All-American status in multiple swim competitions. Through her individual coaching, workshops, and retreats, Sara now coaches hundreds to achieve their own excellence every year. Sara’s mission is to help you get out of your head, connect with your soul, empower your life AND regain your Power to Believe™ in work, love, and life!                                                                  


Sara Goggin Young
Sara Goggin Young, LLC


My Story

The Power to Believe™         

Sara had her foundation rocked and was forced to rebuild  her life twice. The first time, Sara used all the wrong tools to stop feeling the pain, sadness, failure, defeat, isolation, and emptiness. This led to a downward spiral. The second time, Sara approached her circumstances by facing them head-on, focusing on healing the perceived pain, sadness, failure, defeat, isolation, and emptiness. She transformed her life, by learning to let go of negative internal dialogue, empowering her mindset, and manifesting her goals. Sara built herself up to be stronger than ever, and now, Sara coaches others to become their best selves with the same scientifically-proven tools through her Power to Believe Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats.


My Free Gift

5 Ways Overcome Challenges with Strength and Grace

Life is full of challenges, and there is no way around it. My story, like many others, shows using the wrong ways to overcome challenges at first. But, after hiring a life coach and doing the work with their guidance, I learned how to overcome challenges with strength and grace. Here are FIVE ways you can overcome every challenge and empower your life every single time. Shift your low-vibing emotions (anger, anxiety, overwhelm, etc.) into high-vibing emotions (gratitude, passion, love, etc.) My five tools and coaching give you all that you need to get out of your head, connect to your soul, and empower your life.


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