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MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Overcoming Mediocrity


Ruby Williams

In the heart of Ruby Williams’ transformative journey lies an inspiring tale of liberation and empowerment. Breaking free from the clutches of alcohol in May 2019, Ruby’s triumph ignited a cascade of positive changes — shedding pounds, reclaiming vitality, and achieving long-held dreams. Today, Ruby Williams stands tall as a beacon of hope and an Alcohol Freedom Coach, driven by a resolute mission: to guide those who want to change their relationship with alcohol and move to a path of profound transformation.

With the potent tools of the This Naked Mind coaching methodology at her disposal, Ruby masterfully wields the art of questioning during her sessions. These dynamic exchanges have the potential to catalyze shifts in mindset, leading to a balance where alcohol assumes a marginal role. By unshackling individuals from the grip of alcohol, Ruby empowers them to embrace possibilities, discovering passions they might never have otherwise explored.

With nearly two decades as a wine industry professional, Ruby’s past is marked by a relentless cycle of daily drinking as a coping tool for stress. Wrestling with drinking more than intended, she found herself ensnared in a struggle that defied self-rescue, exacerbated by the inseparable ties between her identity and the wine culture. Drawing from her personal journey, Ruby specializes in guiding women who’ve grappled with alcohol-induced weight gain following bariatric surgery. Armed with empathy born from her own experiences, she guides transformation.

Ruby’s dedication extends to crafting lives enriched with fulfillment, vitality, and harmony — liberated from alcohol’s stranglehold. Residing just an hour north of San Francisco, she is the proud mother of an adult son, and along with her dog and chickens, she finds gratitude in daily meditation and yoga practice.   


Ruby Williams           
Freedom Renegade Coaching                                


My Story

Embracing A Life Beyond Alcohol   

A struggle to break free from alcohol’s grip unfolds after a corporate wine job. Despite initial determination, cravings take hold. The allure of wine culture proves irresistible, leading to a cycle of consumption and self-loathing. Amidst despair, Ruby Williams reflects on her journey from food addiction to alcohol dependence, prompted by life’s challenges. She dissects the addictive cycle, highlighting alcohol’s omnipresence in our culture and its effects. The narrative shifts to a transformative path, driven by radical responsibility and guided by an innovative coaching methodology. Through this journey, freedom from alcohol emerges, fostering health, clarity, and empowerment. 


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