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OM161: Christie Ruffino | FAB-5 Factors to Bulletproof Your Business

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM161: Christie Ruffino | FAB-5 Factors to Bulletproof Your Business

Overcoming Mediocrity


Orit Shanet

Born and raised in New York, Orit Shanet found her passion for teaching transformative life skills while working at HAFTR High School, guiding teens towards finding their unique path in life. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree and Doctorate in Physical Therapy, she discovered that while the body is integral to health and well-being, the key to transformation, and accessing new possibilities was created inside of an empowering mindset. Inspiring others to step into their greatness and discover who they truly are, has become her life’s work. She is best known for teaching transformative life skills that inspire people to be the heroes of their own stories. Orit founded Masters of Transformation, LLC to provide both powerful workshops and private coaching on key topics such as communication, empowerment, and spirituality. Known for her warmhearted, straightforward, and effective approach, Orit empowers others to transform their lives by following their passions, creating meaningful relationships, and stepping into a life that they said yes to.


Orit Shanet
Masters of Transformation


My Story

Stepping into Greatness

Transformation begins when we choose to step into our greatness and discover who we truly are. In “Stepping into Greatness,” Orit Shanet shares her story of how she overcame her fears by developing powerful skills to transform her relationship with herself. Not only was she able to rise to the challenge, but she also now teaches others how to break free from their limiting beliefs to experience freedom and self-empowerment.


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