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OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM163: Christie Ruffino | How to Design the Perfect Group Program

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume III

STRONG WOMEN - These stories are meant to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.






Laurie A. Polinski

As a personal transformation leader, Laurie Polinski is passionate about helping others find their own unique brilliance to experience greater meaning and fulfillment in their business, relationships, and personal life. Her foray into life coaching began after 20+ years at a Fortune 500 company, and her own personal search to find her true essence. Laurie founded Absolute Certainty in 2002, and helps individuals, including entrepreneurs and executives, unleash their potential for success by helping them to uncover their true strengths.

Recently, Laurie co-founded Courageous Leadership Coaching Academy ( The certification program develops life coaches with an emphasis on letting one’s true purpose, rather than circumstances, determine life’s path. Laurie herself holds multiple coaching certifications, making her a Certified Quantum Leap Coach, Certified Dream Coach, Certified Creating Abundance Coach, Certified Brainwave Consultant, Certified CORE MAP® Facilitator, and Certified Integrative Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Laurie is a frequent guest on blog talk radio programs including “An Inside Job: Mastery Conversations” with Leah Young; Igniting the Peace Within with Mercedes Warrick and I Am Healthy Radio with Dr. James Joseph. She is a graduate of the Inspiring Speaker Program, studying under Dream University® founder, Marcia Wieder and co-host of Chicago’s West Suburban Chapter of Engaging Speakers.

Laurie attended DePaul University and is a Board Member and Director of National Marketing for the non-profit organization LifeSigns, Inc., which equips women and veterans with resources for personal, professional and economic empowerment.


Laurie A. Polinski, CPC
Absolute Certainty Coaching








Feeding the Fire: Finding Your True You

Making the tough decision to leave her position with a Fortune 500 company which many would consider a pinnacle achievement, Laurie realized she could no longer ignore the small voice within that told her there was something more.

As she chose to set out on a journey of self-discovery, Laurie’s inner strengths and purpose unfolded. Realizing that she is here to help others find their authentic path, life purpose and achieve success, Laurie shares her step-by-step guide to create a truly rich and rewarding life. Laurie’s story speaks to all who wish to find direction and more meaning and success in life.





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