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MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VIII


Kristin Decker

Kristin Decker inspires audiences everywhere to affect social change. Her passion for community engagement began when she ran 4,000 miles across the United States for young adults battling cancer. She ran in memory of her friend Matthew Peterson, who passed away after a battle with multiple myeloma. Matt’s friendship is a constant inspiration in her life. In one of his final letters to her, he wrote: “You will touch lives”. Kristin considers this to be her life’s motto, and she applies this message to her volunteering efforts. A project that is close to Kristin’s heart is Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM). Individuals involved with this project deliver food and necessities to people affected by homelessness, and they do so through cycling. Not only does UBFM give Kristin an opportunity to give back but being involved with UBFM also helped Kristin to overcome her fear of cycling. She is so passionate about the mission that she carried it with her to her new home: Kristin is the Founder of UBFM Colorado Springs! For Kristin, facing her fear inspired her to seek new experiences that initially seemed intimidating, and doing so has had a profound impact on her life. She recently spoke to 25,000 high school students about her life-threatening experience with bullying and mental health. She has received very positive feedback about her speech, and she plans to continue sharing her thoughts about bullying and mental health across the country. Kristin earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Memphis. When she isn’t affecting social change through volunteering, speaking, and working her daily profession, she enjoys outdoor activities and hanging out with loved ones. For Kristin, leaving her unmistakable sparkle with everyone she meets is an important, lifelong endeavor that she hopes to fulfill every day.


Kristin Decker


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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Bullying prevention is close to Kristin’s heart because she was bullied from the time she was in sixth grade through her senior year of high school. While Kristin endured bullying, she also battled an eating disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts and body dysmorphia. Kristin inspires everyone to know that we all go through something. Whatever that something is, it does not define who we are. In fact, our experiences can be the one thing we use to bring hope to others who are walking a similar journey.


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