Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Overcoming Mediocrity


Faly Colaizzi

Faly Colaizzi was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. She has a 33-year career as a Business Development Manager and enjoys being a strong voice for her clients. She is a member of the Board of Education Committee for BOMA Chicago, a member of the Western Loss Association, and she was the first female president of the Blue Goose Association in her industry. She is the mom of two thriving boys and is committed to her philanthropy work through the Saint Charles Women’s Club. She has also served on the Saint Charles Women’s Club board for two consecutive years. She has many favorite charities serving women, children, animal shelters, and local food banks. She is also an ambassador and guest speaker for the Eversight Eye Bank.

Faly Colaizzi is the author of two fiction novels in the Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle series. Faly is proud to be part of this amazing group of ladies and book series, Overcoming Mediocrity. As Faly delves into her own personal struggles in her latest autobiographical and biographical novel Unsinkable Princess (out late 2023), you will discover yourself down the rabbit hole in a world of unparalleled scandal, betrayal, and deceit. Faly hopes to shed light on domestic violence and tyrannical narcissism. This is with her unique story of her mother’s incredible life and the bully that tried to shut her down. If Faly can help even one soul salvage their life back, she has done her job.


Faly Colaizzi
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My Story

Discovering My Superpower

This is the unprecedented story of a divorce that has never been documented. It is where a minefield of chaos, scandal, attempted murder, domestic abuse, mental and emotional torture, criminal behavior, corruption, betrayal, pathological narcissism, and an unparalleled obstruction of justice threatens to destroy the lives of a mother and her two daughters. It is a story of how our mother became our hero and how I found my empowerment. This story is a guidebook to transcendence that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Transformation away from tragedy is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself as you shed the skin of the past and live in the grace that surrounds you.


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