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MU168: Lauren Cohen | How to Expand Your Business Across Borders Successfully & Seamlessly

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU168: Lauren Cohen | How to Expand Your Business Across Borders Successfully & Seamlessly

Overcoming Mediocrity


​Eugenie Ermis

Eugenie is a middle-aged woman who has definitely learned how to clean her mirror. She continually works to remove any smudges that appear. She has also learned to love herself warts and all, which can sometimes be a huge project.

Her thirty-eight years of experience as a registered nurse, mainly in the behavioral health arena, has taught her invaluable active listening skills and the ability to recognize patterns in ones’ story. Because of her uncanny ability to read between the lines, you may think she is a mind reader.

Eugenie is a certified Transformational Coach through the Health Coach Institute and The John Maxwell Team. It is through this training that she developed her primary modality of using story and mirror work in helping women heal and transform.

Eugenie is an avid nature lover. She lives in Manning, South Carolina, with her critter crew. On warm, clear nights, you can find her walking at night listening to nature’s symphony.


Eugenie Ermis, RN, CTC      
Awaken Your Roar Transformational Coaching


My Story

Reclaim You by Cleaning Your Mirror         

How using the power of story to establish life patterns and mirror work can help you reclaim your core self, find your voice, and have more fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationships.           


My Free Gift

45 Minute Transformational Coaching Session 

In this coaching session, you will be able to:

  1. Identify at least one limiting pattern in your life.

  2. Identify at least one action step to create a new affirming pattern.
  3. Learn the basic Mirror Exercise.              


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