Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM68: Isabel Draughon | Tap Into Your Inner Strength and Reclaim Your Power

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM68: Isabel Draughon | Tap Into Your Inner Strength and Reclaim Your Power

Overcoming Mediocrity


Christine Alt Parry

Christine was a television personality from 2002 to 2013, appearing on QVC as a regular on-air guest host. She has been in several commercials, infomercials, and industrial films cast in a variety of roles. She has been interviewed in The New York Times, The Milwaukee Sentinel, The Daily Herald, Chicago, and Cosmopolitan magazines as a product expert in technology and automotive. She holds a BA in Marketing from Northwestern University’s School of Speech. Christine is an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach. In 2021, she received her Associate Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Foundation. Christine is also a member in good standing with the National Speakers Organization.

Christine owned a marketing and PR company in Chicago for several years. She was always intrigued with HR. She partnered with a boutique motivational organization as a customer experience facilitator, encouraging automotive dealership staff to develop transparent relationships with their customers using a series of assessment tools and coaching techniques. Christine now facilitates product and process training as a contractor for Nissan Dealerships in the Northeast. She also works as a transitional coach with select clients in key leadership roles. Christine promotes the idea of great customer experience being the pathway to success in sales.

Christine is the published author of two books: “Memoirs of a Shopping Channel Guest Expert” (Parry, Amazon, 2020) and “Finding Daddy, Finding Me” (Parry, Amazon, Publications International, 2010). She illustrated the Christian Apologetics mini book, “Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Jesus,” in 2007.

Christine owned Art 2 Wear in the early 1990s, featuring her own hand-painted denim items. She has traveled extensively and visited 71 countries. She lives with her husband, David Parry, and their beloved Mainecoon cats, Dusty, Sasha, and Jasmine, in Exton, Pennsylvania.                                                             


Christine Alt Parry     
Be The Change You Wish to See, Inc.


My Story

You Are Either in, or You Are Out

This is the story of how I almost allowed a series of unfortunate events to cost me my marriage. Through the power of coaching, I learned how to change my thinking in order to enjoy our relationship. It included the process of reframing my perspective from a victim into triumphant optimism. I learned how to overcome limiting beliefs and redefine the story of how I wanted our life together to be. Our relationship survived and continues to thrive. Through this process, I realized I had been coaching myself all along, which brought me into the coaching profession.


My Free Gift

Christine’s 5 Cs of Coaching

Christine provides Coaching to help remove internal resistance so Clients can achieve sustainable results using their own Conscious decision-making process.

Co-creation is a process in which we do the work together to co-create a new, more desirable outcome for the Client.

Coaching involves a Systematic process of asking the right questions and using the Client’s answers to discover they had the answers within all along. 

Freed to move forward, the Client is Coached into action to achieve what they want.

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