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OM161: Christie Ruffino | FAB-5 Factors to Bulletproof Your Business

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM161: Christie Ruffino | FAB-5 Factors to Bulletproof Your Business

Overcoming Mediocrity


Barb Gabaldon

As Barb Gabaldon returned home to the United States after months throughout Europe and Africa addressing humanitarian issues involving childhood slavery, trafficking, and forced marriages, she faced insurmountable storms of adversity, finding herself amid the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and her life savings gone. She had witnessed incredible opulence and extreme poverty on her journey. She now had to reconcile how to continue and emphasize on the importance of maintaining an attitude of gratitude to rise above difficult circumstances with as much grace as she could muster. Barb’s resilience, determination, and strong faith allow her to continue to overcome challenges; whether financial, health, family, or tragic loss, she perseveres to break through storms of adversity to achieve incredible goals, regardless of any circumstances faced, including the overwhelming 2020 global health pandemic.

She has served and mentored a diverse range of personal, professional, community, and faith-based audiences, both one-on-one and among thousands. To experience her story, even in part, is to be encouraged, challenged, and supported in your own overcoming breakthrough to reach your life’s fullest destiny.


Barb Gabaldon, M.A.


My Story

Storms of Adversity: The Quest for Breakthrough

Barbara’s story is about her journey through various storms of adversity, from losing her life savings to witnessing poverty in Africa to experiencing personal health crises. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining an attitude of gratitude and choosing to rise above difficult circumstances. Barbara’s resilience and determination allows her to overcome challenges and achieve her goals.


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