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MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU169: Jordan Adler | The More Jetsons We Go, The More The Flintstones Are Going To Win!

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume II

COURAGEOUS WOMEN - These stories are meant to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.

Anna Weselak

Anna Weselak

As an educator and a teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, Anna Weselak brings to the training field her experience in education, business, and non-profits. Through leading an active life in community and volunteer organizations for over thirty years, Anna has strengthened her leadership skills and knows the importance of interpersonal relationships, teamwork and effective communication.

Weselak runs her own consulting business, Weselak & Associates. She holds seminars, classes, and workshops for a variety of businesses, agencies, and organizations. She has been recognized for many of her accomplishments including: Lombard Woman of the Year, listed in six editions of Who’s Who, an Illinois School Board Association Those Who Excel Merit Award, and The Business Ledger Annual Achievement Award and their Most Influential Woman in Business Award. She is a past president of the Illinois PTA and past president of the National PTA. She was named an Outstanding Alumni of Northern Illinois University from the College of Education.

As the CEO of Weselak & Associates, Anna heads a national company servicing a diverse client base by customizing seminars, workshops, and classes to meet the individual needs of each client while being focused on each participant in every class and seminar.

Anna Weselak
Weselak & Associates





“Saying Yes One More Time”

The focus of this chapter is on how to blend active community involvement with entrepreneurship to reach levels of achievement that I never expected to reach. I started my own business to enable me to have a flexible work schedule that allowed me to spend time with my family and the opportunity to continue my involvement in volunteer organizations that give back to my community. Taking on leadership positions in a variety of organizations has strengthened my business and satisfied my thirst to be a leader by just saying”yes” to new opportunities to make this a better world for everyone.


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