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MU168: Lauren Cohen | How to Expand Your Business Across Borders Successfully & Seamlessly

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU168: Lauren Cohen | How to Expand Your Business Across Borders Successfully & Seamlessly

Overcoming Mediocrity - Volume VII


Aimee Carlson

Aimee Carlson

From successful franchise owner to Professional Network Marketer, Aimee Carlson is able to share a unique perspective and demonstrate that outward appearances are not all they seem to be. Aimee heads the only 100% woman-owned franchise in her industry of over 2,200 service centers nationwide. She has been awarded Operator of the Year and several Customer Service awards, and has led her 5-person team to win the first ever National Championship as well as runner-up in the following year. Aimee’s company has also been recognized with the Arlene Karlson “Heart and Soul” award for their contributions to their community, where their primary focus has been helping kids. They are proud to be partnered with Rock In Prevention, an anti-bullying and drug and alcohol prevention program, as well as MDA in raising funds to help send kids to summer camp.

As a Network Marketing Professional, Aimee has reached the top 1% in her industry. She leads a team of nearly 300, helping to transform lives! For the last four years she has created and produced an annual event for her team, and has also worked with other leaders in creating and promoting quarterly educational events. Aimee has attended numerous workshops and seminars for Network Marketing Professionals to further her skills and development. You can follow her story through her blog at

Aimee Carlson is a wife, mother of three grown sons and grandmother to twelve. She lives in Iowa during the summer months and winters in Arizona. She loves to be outdoors, where you can find her hiking, kayaking, boating, biking, or reading while relaxing on the water. She and her husband love to travel and experience the beautiful outdoors, enjoying God’s creation!


Aimee Carlson

My Story

My Story

From Franchise Owner to Network Marketing Professional

Walk with Aimee as an accidental opportunity yields the best discoveries of her life. From all outward appearances, she had it all: a successful small business, a fantastic family and a loving husband. They were able to travel and were living what they thought were there dreams. And yet, she still yearned for more; something was missing. Aimee learned how to stop listening to the committee in her head and to transform the movie of her life. She is now able to do things she never dreamt possible!

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