Read How it All Began… (Our Story)



You doubt that your story is important. And that little voice inside your head keeps telling you that no one really wants to read about your struggles or successes?

My name is Christie Ruffino, and I am obsessed with helping women share their stories.

Why am I so passionate about this mission?

Because I’ve been where you are right now. I understand the doubt and the fear – the reaction to remain safe and keep your story tucked away safely in the recesses of your private memory bank.

I know that feeling – yet I could not shake the notion that my journey WAS important. Plus, I really loved books!!! I even Photo-shopped my face onto the cover of a book that was published by a mentor of mine, Stephanie Frank, and tacked it on my vision wall thinking, “one of these days…”

But, writing my own book seemed like a monumental feat. How could I come up with that much valuable information to put inside a whole book? And, more importantly, I just didn’t have time and enough money to invest in the whole process.

But then, what seems to always happen with me, the right person came into my life at the right time for the right reason. It was incredible!!! In 2012, I was invited to share my story in an anthology project called Dare To Be A Difference Maker by Michelle Prince.

My first reaction was “NO”! How could I possibly do that? But once she asked me a simple question, “If your story could help at least one person, wouldn’t it be worth it?” my “No” quickly changed to a “Yes”, and I never regretted that decision for a moment.

NOT ONLY was the whole process a great learning experience for me, I came out of it with a much better appreciation of my true value in the world. I also I took ownership of my ability to shine my light in the world to pave the way for others to do the same.

My mindset had shifted as a newly published author and I experienced first-hand how this accomplishment had created a new level of credibility with my peers and prospective clients. Plus, the exposure and prestige of being an author created more of a magnetic response with my business audience so that I didn’t have to work so hard to get clients.

Shortly after that successful endeavor, I realized that I needed to provide the same opportunity to the women in my tribe. Women of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network.

Women like you!

Women who have a story and need to share it.

If I can do it, you can too!  –  I’M DEDICATED TO HELPING YOU.

I want to take everything I’ve learned, from successfully managing and publishing multiple Amazon Bestselling books, and help you share your story with hundreds of readers.

I have a proven system to make the process very easy for you and provide you tons of rewards. Plus, you will become united with other like-minded women who will become your new Overcoming Mediocrity – Designed to Shine family. <3



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