Our Zoom meeting today was great!

We had 12 women on the call who shared a bit about their story and got to know each other in the process.

Project Update
We are wrapping up the final edits with 3 women and then we plan to have the completed stories to the graphic designer by the end of the week. During  that time, Jesica will reach out to everyone to get an approximate book order so that I can work with the printer next week to secure the best pricing as possible.

Once the final layout is complete, we will be sending it to you to review and approve. Please pay careful attention to every detail to make sure everything is complete and correct.

The book order forms along with an order form for bookmarks, postcards and social media images will be sent out at that time (Platinum Authors have those items included). Everything now is going to go quickly, so please respond to Jesica’s deadlines in a timely manner, and if possible respond sooner to expedite these final steps. The deadline dates will be noted in red.

While the files are at the printer, we will gather together again to discuss marketing and the Amazon Bestseller campaign. You will also be provided a ton more resources to ensure this opportunity is leveraged to its fullest.

Right now is the time for you to start pre-selling your books. Here is an order form you can use for that purpose. https://overcomingmediocrity.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Overcoming-Mediocrity-Pre-order-Forms.pdf 

Missed the call? Here is the link to watch that on YouTube. https://youtu.be/uJofjRs1lxI 

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