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OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM162: Christie Ruffino | 5 Tweaks to Boost Your Personal Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions? … Read these FAQS

Why should I be a Co-Author with this book instead of writing one on my own?

Co-authoring a book is easier, faster, and far less expensive than writing and producing a single-authored book.

In addition, you’ll:

  • Receive exposure for you and your book from our proven marketing efforts.
  • Receive exposure for you and your book from the other author’s marketing efforts.
  • Increase your network by connecting with other like-minded women (your co-authors).
  • Be able to tap into the expertise of DPWN Publishing to get a quality book fast.
  • Get valuable training from experts as part of your book package.
  • Receive the great satisfaction of working in collaboration with other smart women.
  • Receive credibility from aligning yourself with the Overcoming Mediocrity brand.
  • Make money by selling your books at a hefty little profit.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, You can receive all of these benefits in only a few months.

If I already have a book, why should I be a part of this anthology?

This is more than just another book.  Your book package includes step by step marketing training that you can use for your other books as well as growing your business, your list and your platform.

You’ll also have a team of other like-minded partners with aligned audiences spreading your message every time they sell or give away a book.  As you are discussing and selling this book to your audience, the other authors will be doing the same with theirs.  That’s why the benefit and reach of anthology books are exponentially multiplied.  Through your partners, the co-authors, you’ll be touching readers you might not otherwise have reached.

You’ll also enjoy the sense of community, sisterhood, and friendship of the other authors.

How do I know the other author’s stories and message will be aligned with my own?

That’s our job.  We will select authors who resonate with the message and tone of the title and ones who are serious about sharing the message with others.

Just like you have attracted this book into your life, the other co-authors have attracted it into theirs.  There is no mistaking the powerful energy of a collaborative process such as this, and all authors involved have a vested interest in the success of the book – just like you.

What if I don’t have time to even write a 2,000 word story?

If you can write an article and you have a story to share, you will be able to write your story. We guarantee that participating in this anthology book is the fastest and least expensive way to get your message out to the masses.

We will also be able to guide you to a ghostwriter if that’s the way you choose to write your story.


Will I be able to sell my books online?

Yes, you will be able to sell the paperback and electronic version of your book on your website and social media channels. We’ll even provide you with instructions on how to set up an easy system to collect orders and money as well as instructions on how to format your book to be a powerful list-building lead-magnet.

Are head-shots included or do I need to make arrangements for a professional head shot?

If you are a front cover author, we do require a high-resolution professional head-shot. If you are a back cover author, we will be more flexible as long as the photo is professional and of good quality. The photos do not have to be brand new, but they should reflect the image you want to portray as a brand new Amazon Best-selling Author. 

If I want to buy more books at a later date, will I have the ability to do so? If so, what is the cost?

We do one large initial print with a local printer to get the best pricing. At that point, we encourage the authors to buy as many books as they think they may need because that’s the only time we’re doing a bulk print. All future books orders are $6 each, and you can order as many times as you like.

It mentions that the story is limited to 2000 or 4000 words. What if I go over and what is the limit for my bio?

If your story exceeds the agreement amount, it can be slightly expanded for a nominal per-word fee. We’re looking for about 300 words for your biography.

Is this project really worth the money?

ABSOLUTELY!  Being a contributing author in this anthology book will provide automatic credibility for you and your business, a supply of books for you to sell and give away, one of the top marketing tools available and the great personal satisfaction of participating with other conscious individuals in this inspiring project.

AND, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to participate.  We offer two different packages, so you can participate at whatever level is comfortable for you.  You’ll recoup the money you spend and even make money no matter which package you choose.  We even offer a payment plan.  And there is discounted pricing for the members of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network.

You don’ t even have to take my word on that, you can read the rave reviews from our past authors and decide for yourself.

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