Voices of Truth  |  Author Resource Page

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – Everything you’ll need for our project will be stored here.

Voices of Truth
Author Resource Page

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – Everything you’ll need for our project will be stored here.

Billing Questions: [email protected]

Project Questions: [email protected]

Production Questions: [email protected]



Team calls are on the 1st & 3rd Monday each month at 3:00 – 4:00 pm (CT). We’ll be using the same Zoom access link.
On the calls, we will be providing project updates, group coaching, and connection opportunities.


Meeting ID: 810 1029 0063
Passcode: speak



Getting Started

Welcome to our co-author Team!!!

This is a secret page for our author communications. We suggest that you bookmark this URL link for future access so you can easily check back for future updates and opportunities.

Depending on when you’ve joined our project, there may or may not be much happening on this page. Once the majority of our authors are assembled for the current volume, we will be having weekly updates, group calls, and deadlines.



STEP #1 Whitelist Our Email Addresses 👉

Inconsistent email deliverability has become so prevalent lately, so PLEASE take a moment to whitelist us to ensure you receive our communications.

[email protected]
[email protected]


STEP #3 Mark Your Calendars for Our Author Zoom Calls 👉

Join our author calls to meet the other speakers in this book and stay updated on the current project developments. Since these calls are interactive, you will want to join via a pc or smartphone.

If you can’t make the calls live, don’t worry, they will be recorded for easy playback.

SCHEDULE: Every 1st & 3rd Monday at 3-4 pm Central

STEP #4 Pre-Publishing Marketing Ideas 👉

Once you’ve joined our team, feel free to begin creating energy around your upcoming new author status.

Some pre-publishing marketing ideas are:

  1. Share how you just signed an author agreement with a publisher to write your first book. Include a photo of you signing your contract.
  2. Share highlights of your story and mention your pending book.
  3. Create an opt-in page for people to sign-up to get autographed copies of your book.
  4. Think about how you will be able to take pre-orders for your upcoming book.
STEP #5 Get a Professional Headshot 👉

Work with a local photographer to have a current headshot taken to use on the book cover and inside with your bio.

Submission details are below on this page.

Project Updates

Call #1 Highlights 👉

Be sure to bookmark the Author Portal and join the Facebook Group. https://overcomingmediocrity.org/es/

Be sure to vote on your favorite book cover design on the Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/engagingspeakersauthors

Training: 4 Critical Questions to Ensure Story Creation Clarity

Author Introductions

Next Call: Monday, September 6th @ 3 pm (CDT)

Call #2 Highlights 👉

Story word count: Story only as per your author agreement

Bio word count: 300 words

Be sure to vote on your favorite cover design.

9/14/21 Email Update 👉

Hi Everyone,

Things are rolling right along with our book project.

Thanks to the hard work of Jen Coffel to unite an amazing team of speakers, I am happy to say we are only 4 authors away from having a full book.


(If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please connect them with Jen ASAP!)


That being said, we are looking to have an initial story & bio submission date of October 15th.

There will be submission forms in the Author Portal in the next week to make that process SUPER SIMPLE.


If you have not started writing your story yet, how can I help?

I uploaded the story framework training in the portal, and I am providing group coaching on our bi-weekly Monday calls ((Sept 20th is the next call), but if you just feel stuck and want help with clarity, I created a 30-min Zoom calendar link to provide you with personal support. https://workwithchristie.as.me/voices


I also added a new training video to the Author Resource Page about creating your bio.


See you on Monday at 3 pm Central….

10/18/21 Call Highlights 👉

Great call today!!!

As mentioned, the submission deadline has been extended for most of the team to 10/22/21.

For anyone new to the project, the submission deadline is 11/12/21.

As requested, I added 4 examples in the “Your Story” section of the Author Resource Page  https://overcomingmediocrity.org/es of how your lead magnet will show up in the book.

Jennifer Jost suggested a happy hour for this Friday at 7pm Central. Here is the link with details https://fb.me/e/b69isonCy

The recording has been posted for anyone who missed the call.

See ya’ll on Monday, November 1st….

2/11/22 How Many Books Should You Order? 👉



Submission Deadlines

Your Bio, Head Shot, Story, and Lead Magnet

Write Your Bio & Story

STEP #1 Write a Dazzling Bio 👉

How to Write a Dazzling Bio

As a speaker, author, coach, or industry expert, there will be many situations where you will be asked to provide your bio for promotional purposes.


FYI: Your bio should be 300 words or less.

STEP #3 Story Coaching Call with Christie. 👉

If you need help creating clarity around your story and how it fits with your business, I’d love to help.

Please watch the Story Framework Training first and then book our 30-minute call with this link. https://workwithchristie.as.me/voices


Submit Your Story Etc.

Submit Your Bio. 👉

Please fill out this Author Bio Submission Form so that we can get you set up on our website and other marketing channels.

Your bio should be 300 words.

Direct any questions to [email protected]

Not sure how to write your bio? You can find HELP & EXAMPLES HERE.

Submitting Your Story. 👉

Your Story

PLEASE NOTE: Once your story is submitted to the editing team, and they are complete with their edits, we are not able to start over with major modifications. Be sure you are satisfied with your story before it is submitted so that our editing team can refine it to produce the final ready-to-print story.

Once your story is complete, use the following specifications to modify it’s formatting before it is submitted. We suggest you run your document through a Grammarly review before you send it to us. They have a free version that works nicely for this use. www.grammarly.com

Then, submit the final manuscript HERE as a Microsoft Word attachment. We will then send it to our Editor for review. They will check spelling, grammar and suggest minor improvements for your approval.

You do not need to layout your story the way you want it to look in the printed book. Our graphic artist will format the book to ensure consistency.

  • Write your story using single spacing.
  • Use Microsoft Word as your document application.
  • Type your story in Times New Roman 12 point font, single-spaced.
  • You may bold and italicize when you need them.
  • Do not use page breaks.
  • Use only one space after a sentence period.
  • For new paragraphs, create space by using a single return.
  • For subheads, create space by using a single return before and after the subhead.
  • Do not submit art or graphics unless pre-arranged for your story.
  • Proof your work, use spell check, and check for words that may have a different meaning yet are spelled correctly.
  • Proof your work one last time! 😀

After all of the stories are edited and approved, the book will be sent to our design team for completion. You will have the opportunity to review the final book one last time before it goes to print.


Thank you for following these guidelines.

Jesica Ruffino

Direct any questions to [email protected].

Cover Photo Submission Details. 👉
Your Lead Magnet Details. 👉

A lead magnet is when you offer your website visitors something of considerable value in return for their contact information.

We will need your Title, Description, URL, and QR Code.

Submit your Lead Magnet Here

Direct any questions to [email protected].

QR CODE: Here is the resource I’ve been using for years to create QR Codes. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective and free. http://www.freeqrcodetracker.com/

QR CODE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pKT1QJAeAOk

Here is another option. https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ 



Engaging Speakers

General Writing Support

The Easy Way to Create Compelling Content
By Susan Sparks
This 30-minute presentation is packed with practical writing tips to help you narrow in on your topic, stay on topic, and have the confidence to write in a way that keeps readers engaged.


CllickUp has a complete suite of internal automation and external integrations.

DIY Pics & Vids

Canva is a great tool to create custom images and videos. You can use the link below to get 1-free credit on a paid version.


Promotional Ideas

"How To" Library

Reviews Matter!

79% of consumers today still trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And when it comes to getting Amazon reviews, the more the merrier. Social proof is some powerful stuff, and the more proof you have, the more potent it becomes. PLEASE CLICK on the Amazon Image Link to the left to leave a review for any of the past books you enjoyed.

How to Make a PayPal Button (like below) to Sell Your Book Online.

Note: This option can not be used on our website bookstore.

Chose an Option
Your Email Address

How to Use Google to Create Your Opt-in.

To get a list of lead-magnet ideas I mentioned in the video, download my Profitable Community Playbook. See step #6 for the complete list.

Animated image created in CANVA

How to Make a PDF of Just Your Story to Become a Free Lead Magnet.

You can't give your book away free online, but you can use just your story.
You'll need e a PDF editing tool to strip away the Copyright, Table of Contents and the pages of the other authors as well as any other pages you don't want. A FREE tool to edit PDF's is:

How to Create Your Amazon Author Central Page.

Learn how to create your Amazon Author Page Download the Instructions here:

Amazon Author Page Instructions

Here are the quick steps > >

After you set up your Author Central acount.

1. Sign in to your Author Central page

2. Select "View All Books"

3. Select "Add a Book"

4. Search for your new book

5. Select book

6. Select "Add This Book"

7. Confirm -- select "I'm not listed"

8. Select "Contact Us"

9. Again select "Contact Us"

10. Select "Author Profile"

11. Select "Add a Book"

12. Select "Send Us an Email"

13. Provide the requested information -- available from the Amazon page

It may take a few days for your book to show up.

How to Create a Paypal Landing Page

You can do the with a personal account by first logging in to Paypal. Then open a new browser window and go to https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/.

The system should recognize your account and allow you to set up your book.

Example: https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/checkout/7BRBXXQA6J8DU 



How to Add Your Book to Our Bookstore

If you want to INCREASE YOUR BOOK SALES, send us your shopping cart details and we'll link your sales page to our website.

You can also send us the link for your Paypal Landing page and explained in the previous step.

Email your final page link to [email protected]

How to Post Your Book on Facebook

You can add your book on these platforms as an event for exposure and recognition.

How to Post Your Book on LinkedIn

You can add your book on these platforms as an event for exposure and recognition.

Promo Items

Pre-Selling Your Book

You can use this form to secure book orders and pre-orders.

Author Promo Widgets

Standard benefit for all Overcoming Mediocrity Platinum Authors. If any other Authors are interested, complete and email this form to [email protected].

Amazon Bestseller Labels

Use this form to order your Bestseller Labels.


When you're ready to create and publish your solo-authored book,
Overcoming Mediocrity Clients get a 10% discount on all publishing services.


More Opportunities To Be Seen and Heard by Additional Audiences.



American Public University System 

Details are in the YouTube description.


Image Downloads

Right-click on the image, click "Save Image As", choose a location to save the image, click "Save".




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