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WELCOME!!! Read This Section First.

Welcome to our Overcoming Mediocrity Team!!!

This is a secret page for our author communications.

We suggest that you save this URL link for future access so you can easily check back for future updates and opportunities.

Depending on when you’ve joined our project, there may or may not be much happening on this page. Once the majority of our authors are assembled for the current volume, we will be having weekly updates, group calls, and deadlines.

We’ve also experienced inconsistent email deliverability lately, so you may want to whitelist us to ensure you receive our communications. LEARN HOW TO WHITELIST & 

STEP #1 Join Our Private Author Facebook Group.

In addition to becoming a valuable resource for you to share about your business, you can use our Facebook Author Group to connect with the amazing women from this, the past, and all future books. 

We will use this group to post events, opportunities, and project updates.

We recommend that you turn ON the notifications, so you don’t miss anything important.


Be sure to review and follow the group rules. 

STEP #2 Join and Share Our Big OPEN Facebook Group.

We have a big Facebook Group that was created for our authors to have a bigger audience, the Dynamic Women of Impact.

As an Overcoming Mediocrity author, you have posting privileges. Feel free to share your events, offerings, and news.

Take a moment to JOIN THE GROUP and then INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to join as well. The bigger the group, the more visibility we will all have.

Be sure to review and follow the group rules.

STEP #3 Create Your Business Profile & Featured Promotion for the DPWN Website

Use this link to create your Member Profile and Member Deal on the DPWN website.

    • In the Business Category, choose “Author”.
    • Don’t worry about the Name Badge Field.

Direct any questions to


STEP #4 Submit Your Profile Details for the Overcoming Mediocrity Website

Please fill out this Author Submission Form so that we can get you set up on our website and other marketing channels.

Direct any questions to


STEP #5 Check Out Our Author Referral Program.

On this page below, we share details about our amazing Author Referral Program. But YOUR REWARDS WILL DOUBLE if you refer another author into our project within the first 30-days of your signed contract.

If you share this opportunity with friends, and they join our project in the 30-day window, you will get a $200 referral credit or check for every successfully enrolled author.

You simply share the project details with them and then connect any interested women with Christie at 

We will do the rest and send your rewards.

STEP #6 Mark Your Calendars for Our Author Zoom Calls

Once we have the majority of our author team in place, we will begin meeting bi-weekly to stay connected, supported, and informed.

Head BELOW for the schedule, registration details, and the recorded call library.

STEP #7 Book Your Story Framework Coaching Call

I am here to support you every step of the way. My personal goal is to help you create the most impactful story that will elevate your business and then leverage it in a way that your list grows and your client conversions increase.

Over time, I’ve learned that those results can’t happen in a group setting. So now, every author gets two included coaching calls to work through brand clarity, story framework, and monetization strategy.


Before we meet, please watch the training video below (Master the 7-Stages of Writing a Compelling Signature Story) so that we can get the most out of our time together.


STEP #8 Pre-Publishing Marketing Ideas.

Once you’ve joined our team, feel free to begin creating energy around your upcoming new author status.

Some pre-publishing marketing ideas are:

  1. Share how you just signed an author agreement with a publisher to write your first book. Include a photo of you signing your contract.
  2. Share highlights of your story and mention your pending book.
  3. Create an opt-in page for people to sign-up to get autographed copies of your book.
  4. Begin taking pre-orders. You can use the pre-order form template below on this page.
STEP #9 Looking To Start Speaking to Share Your Story?

If you’re looking to break into the speaking arena, I have two resources to recommend.


Since 2003, Engaging Speakers has had the honor of helping entrepreneurs, experts in their field, authors, speakers, small business owners, and non-profit leaders grow their businesses through speaking by helping them define their message, refine it and bring it to the world.

Learn More About Engaging Speakers > > HERE


What is Toastmasters? Do you want to practice public speaking, improve your communication, and build leadership skills? With Toastmasters, you can break barriers, not your budget.

Learn More About Toastmasters > > HERE


Photo Submission for the Book Cover


Your Head Shot

Submit your high-resolution headshot for the cover to as an attachment.

Direct any questions to

Story & Bio Submission Guidelines

Your Story

Once your story is complete, use the following specifications to modify it’s formatting before it is submitted. Email the final manuscript to as an attachment.

We will then send it to our Editor for review. They will check spelling, grammar, and suggest minor improvements for your approval.

You do not need to layout your story the way you want it to look in the printed book. Our graphic artist will format the book to ensure consistency.

  • Write your story using single spacing.  (Gold = 2,000 words/Platinum = 3,500 words)
  • Use Microsoft Word as your document application.
  • Type your story in Times New Roman 12 point font, single-spaced.
  • You may bold and italicize when you need them.
  • Do not use page breaks.
  • Use only one space after a sentence period.
  • For new paragraphs, create space by using a single return.
  • For subheads, create space by using a single return before and after the subhead.
  • Do not submit art or graphics unless pre-arranged for your story.
  • Proof your work, use spell check and check for words that may have a different meaning, yet are spelled correctly.
  • Proof your work again!

After all of the stories are edited and approved, the book will be sent to our design team for completion. You will have the opportunity to review the final book one last time before it goes to print.


Your Bio & Contact Information

  1. Author’s Biography – Your bio should be approximately 300-words.
    Need help with that? READ THIS ARTICLE on how to write a dazzling bio.
  2. Contact and Story Information for book and project website.

Thank you for following these guidelines.

Jesica Ruffino

Direct any questions to

Author Zoom Meetings

Join our author calls to meet the other women in this book and stay updated on the current project developments. Since these calls are interactive, you will want to join via a pc or smartphone.

Unstoppable Women calls begin 5/18/20 @ 3 pm CT

If you can’t make the calls live, don’t worry, they will be recorded for easy playback.



May 18th, 2020

June 2nd, 2020

June 15th, 2020

June 29th, 2020

Referral Cash X-2

All authors get a $100 referral check for every newly referred, Non-DPWN Member, who joins this or any future Overcoming Mediocrity project. PLUS+ You can offer your referees 24 free books to sell and keep 100% of the profits. ($478.80) (OFFER GOOD FOR THE FIRST 5-SIGNED AUTHORS)

To help with this process below is a script that you can customize and share with women who you think would be a great addition to our team. The best results are always obtained by conversations instead of emails, so please follow up with a phone call and ask permission for me to call them.


My friend, leadership authority and founder of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network (DPWN), Christie Ruffino, is publishing the next (7th) book in her very successful “Overcoming Mediocrity” book anthology series. I am excited to have been a featured author in one of her books and she just told me that she is once again looking for a few more dynamic women who are willing to share their inspirational stories so that they can equip and empower other women to also make a bigger difference in the world. You will receive tons of exposure as well as credibility and the prestige of becoming (MY FAVE!) an Amazon Bestselling author. Plus, by joining her author tribe you will get the added benefit of uniting with the other amazing women she is bringing together for this book. Here are links for the books on Amazon and for their project website.

If you want to apply to be featured in her next book , let me know so I can connect you both. My friends will get $100 off of the investment as a special referral gift from me. 🙂

Writing Support

Story Writing Training

Master the 7-Stages of Writing a Compelling Signature Story by Christie Ruffino

Please watch this training before our first coaching call.

Story Writing Group Coaching Call

Master the 7-Stages of Writing a Compelling Signature Story

Create more clarity around your story by listing to how we created direction and a framework for other authors in the Unstoppable Women edition.

General Writing Support

The Easy Way to Create Compelling Content By Susan Sparks This 30-minute presentation is packed with practical writing tips to help you narrow in on your topic, stay on topic, and have the confidence to write in a way that keeps readers engaged.

How to Write a Dazzling Bio

As a speaker, author, coach or industry expert, there will be many situations where you will be asked to provide your bio for promotional purposes.


Writing & Marketing Training

I created two books to help our authors write and effectively leverage this or any other book they write in the future. You can download them for free from our free Goodie page.


Your Book is Published, Now What?

Amazon Reviews REALLY Matter!

79% of consumers today still trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And when it comes to getting Amazon Reviews, the more the merrier. Social proof is some powerful stuff, and the more proof you have, the more potent it becomes.

PLEASE CLICK on the Amazon Image Link to the left to leave a review for any of the past books you enjoyed.

Make a PDF of Just Your Story to Become a Free Lead Magnet.

You can’t give your book away free online, but you can use just your story.
You’ll need e a PDF editing tool to strip away the Copyright, Table of Contents and the pages of the other authors as well as any other pages you don’t want. A FREE tool to edit PDF’s is:

Make a PayPal Button (like below) to Sell Your Book Online.

Chose an Option
Your Email Address

Post Your Book on Facebook and LinkedIn

You can add your book on these platforms as an event for exposure and recognition. 

How to Create Your Amazon Author Page.

Learn how to create your Amazon Author Page Download the Instructions here:

Amazon Author Page Instructions

Unveil the 5-Untapped Profit Centers Hidden Inside Your Signature Book.

Writing a book has become a proven and effective way to establish your expertise, increase your credibility and multiply your exposure, but how do you make money with a book? In this Masterclass, I will show you 5-ways that anyone can leverage a book to make more money.

Author Promo Widgets

Standard benefit for all Platinum Authors. If any Gold Authors are interested, this order form must be completed and emailed to

OM Widget Order Form

Book Pre-Order Forms

You can use this form to secure book orders and pre-orders.

Overcoming Mediocrity Pre-order Forms

Book Re-Order Form

Use this form to order additional books for any of the volumes. We will include the shipping costs as soon as it’s calculated from the on-demand printing dashboard. Your books will be shipped directly from Amazon to the address supplied on the order form.

Overcoming Mediocrity Re-order Form.

Amazon Bestseller Labels

Use this form to order your Bestseller Labels.


Speaking Resources

Engaging Speakers

“How to Speak Your Way to More Business”

Project Update Calls

Visit the “Units” section of our author Facebook Group.

Project Downloads

Previous Ebooks

Image Downloads

Right-click on the image, click “Save Image As”, choose a location to save the image, click “Save”.

Amazon Best Seller

(Not to use until status achieved)


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