Yahoo!!! We are coming to the end of our publishing endeavor yet there are still so many things yet to cover. It has been a fun journey and I am excited to see all of the great things you do with this opportunity.  This document will cover quite a few details so please save or print this for ongoing use.

Below I will be outlining the following points:

Results 360 Business Summit

Register to join us for a full day of inspiration, learning and connecting at the Results 360 Business Summit. Our OM Authors can register at the biggest savings starting 4/19 by using the code OMAuthor or this link to save $50 of the regular ticket price.

We will have an author table for you to hang out, sell and sign books. To keep things fair, we will provide the book inventory and split the profits with the authors who attend and man the book table during breaks and networking times. See Jesica upon check-in to chose the breaks you want.

FINAL Author Q & A Live Zoom Call

This is our last group call to discuss marketing strategies and Amazon Bestseller campaign.

Time: April 17th @ 5:30pm Central Time
Find the recording here

Project Links

All cover and marketing images are on the Author Resource page on our Overcoming Mediocrity website (Bestselling Book Cover should not be used until achieved)

Promo Widgets
The Platinum Authors get a special promo widget to highlight their new “Published Author” status. They will get two images, one with and one without the “Best Seller” emblem. If any Gold authors want this perk, here is the order form.

Amazon Promo
The next step with our Overcoming Mediocrity Project national marketing effort is to launch our Amazon Bestseller Promotion. Our plan is to offer the book as a Kindle download for 5 days for FREE to as many people as possible so we have enough activity to achieve “Best Seller” status. Each book downloaded counts as a book sold and increases the rank and position on Amazon.

IMPORTANT TIP: We want to focus the majority of our efforts on the first day so we can hit #1 and then hold that position for as long as possible.

Promotion Dates: May 4th – May 8th
Our goal is to get to #1 in the top 100 free books. This will be a huge benefit for you in your future marketing efforts because you can then title yourself as a co-author for a best-selling book. Once the book goes #1, we can update the marketing and promo pieces to say “Amazon #1 Best Seller”!

We achieved “Best Seller” status for each of our books on the first day. And we are going to do our best to duplicate those results with this book, but we need everyone to do their part!!!! This has to be a collaborative effort for us to succeed.

TIP: Block out the most time on your calendar for 5/4 so you can post, email, video, Facebook live and then comment to everything about this promo. Also block out a few short time chunks for the following 4 days so you have time to make this promotion successful.

THE PROMOTION BEGINS FRIDAY 5-4-18 at 12:01am and runs for 5 days.
(The Kindle price before and after the promo period is $9.99)
(If you have an iPad don’t worry, you just need to download the Kindle Reader App. It will then prompt you to log in with your amazon ID and then you can get the book with one easy click.)

Social Media – BE SMART, Schedule Your Marketing Activities

The most efficient way to implement the following promotional efforts is to schedule your posts with a handy scheduling tool. My favorite is Hootsuite, and one of your sister co-authors and former DPWN Member Ursula Wachowiak has created a short YouTube video  showing you how to use this handy tool.

Amazon Promo Ideas and Sales Copy

Your E-mail List: Send a personalized email to your mailing list on Friday morning with the FREE book link.

 Facebook: Post to your personal timelines, your Business Pages, your DPWN Chapter page (If applicable), all author pages and the pages of any groups you are in.

Example Posts:

  • Special Treat for you today! Get a copy of my newest work!  ly/OMIW6
  • Read Stories from Influential Women! Free eBook today! ly/OMIW6
  • Only a few days left to get your hands on this life changing book! ly/OMIW6
  • Today is the last day! Get your free copy of Overcoming Mediocrity Today! ly/OMIW6

FB TIP #1: Always post the link for the book and include the OM Project link if possible. You should also include the link in the comments because it will get more exposure than just in the post alone!

FB TIP #2 Ask your friends to help you share this and provide them the following content. “Check this out! My friend YOUR NAME is sharing her new book on Amazon for free through Sunday. She gave me permission to share it with you through this link.!”

FB TIP #3 Make sure you tag me “Christie Ruffino” and any of the other author’s names in your posts so we can all comment to drive exposure up. Plus, if someone adds you to their post, be sure to share and comment on it also.

FB Tip #4 Do a Facebook LIVE Video sharing your excitement about this opportunity. Then save that video and upload it to your YouTube account.

Check this out! I am sharing my story along with 16 other Influential Women in a new book for FREE until Tuesday. Get yours here.


  1. Tweets every day from the group of Authors and DPWN Members. Include these hashtags for greater exposure: #bookgiveaway, #FREE, #ebook, #inspiration, #motivation
  1. When people re-tweet your tweets, always thank them to encourage more traffic.
  2. Ask your friends to tweet this for you and provide them the following content, cut include your name.

“Check this out! My friend YOUR NAME is sharing her new book for FREE until Tuesday. Get yours here.


I am so excited to be finally launching our sixth collaborative book, Overcoming Mediocrity, AND I am even more excited to be able to offer it to you for a few days as a FREE Kindle download. Please take a moment to get your copy HERE and it is okay if you share this little treat with your family and friends during this promo (5/4 – 5/8) Enjoy!

Other Groups
I am so excited to be featured in a new book called Overcoming Mediocrity – Influential Women, AND I am even more excited to be able to offer it to you for a few days as a FREE Kindle download. Please take a moment to get your copy HERE and it is okay if you share this little treat with your family and friends until Tuesday for this promo.

You Tube

  1. Create a You Tube Video about your story with a link to download the book. Links need to be in the description of the video.
  2. Other testimonial YouTube videos.
  3. Create a You Tub video with an overview of the book and link to download the book.
  4. Share the videos in email, blogs, Facebook, etc.

More Exposure

  1. Write about this project and your story in your blog and offer your subscribers this free gift.
  2. Create a Press Releases announcing free eBook for limited time! Submit to local papers, patch, and public radio.
  3. Private Mastermind groups – have others in your mastermind group download the free eBook and leave a review.

Remember to like, reply or comment on all of your activity and follow up with everyone and ask them to leave you a review on Amazon.

Below are some sample scripts for you to use and modify.


I am so excited to be featured in the newest volume of the Overcoming Mediocrity book series. AND I am even more excited to be able to offer it to you for a few days as a FREE Kindle download. Please take a moment to get your copy HERE  and I would really appreciate you sharing this opportunity with your family and friends. Our goal is to reach “Best Seller” status but I will need your help to accomplish this.

Thank you so much!!!


More copy you can cut and paste:

Overcoming Mediocrity Volume VI ~ Get your copy for FREE TODAY and read the stories of these Influential Women! #eBook #free

Special Treat for you today!  Get a copy of my newest work!

Read Stories from Inspirational Women!  Free eBook today!  #eBook #Free #kindle

16 Women featured in an inspiring book about living meaningful lives & how to become more impactful in the world. Download for FREE…

Leadership Lessons to Create a Positive Company Culture #eBook

Overcoming Mediocrity is a unique collection of stories from women who have created their own lives of significance. Download Today for Free!

Collection of stories from influential women who have created their own lives of significance in their personal, physical and spiritual lives….

Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Beliefs to Create an Empowered Life!  Download eBook for #Free

Free eBook about Conquering Fear and Procrastination

Only a few days left to get your hands on a life changing book!  Download for #FREE

Today is the last day!  Get your free copy of Overcoming Mediocrity Today!


E-Book for You to Sell

The e-book is complete and is listed on the Author Resource page,  for you to sell however you wish for the suggested retail price of $9.99. You can offer this as well as the physical books to your family and friends at a discounted price, but please do not promote any Overcoming Mediocrity book ONLINE for “Sale” or sell them at a price other than the suggested retail price.


Refer your Friends for a Bunch of $100 Referral Checks.

Who do you know that would benefit from our Overcoming Mediocrity experience? We are starting a Victorious Women and Christian Women Series right away.

Please introduce them to me and if they join the project, you will get a $100 Referral Check.

Here is copy for you to modify and share or create your own in your own words.



Did you hear that I am a newly published (best-selling) author? A friend of mine introduced me to the Overcoming Mediocrity project a few months ago and it has been such a great experience for me that I wanted to “share the love” and tell you about it too. J

All I did was write my story and then their team put it into a finished book along with my professional contact info and now I have a book to sell and use to gain visibility for my business and my brand. I also wanted to tell my story so that I could inspire others and leave a bigger legacy in the world.

I know you and think you should also share your journey to inspire others and then leverage your new book to meet goals in your business.

When do you have time to chat? I would love to tell you more about it and introduce you to the project creator Christie Ruffino so she can see how your story will fit into her next book (I think it’s due to release later this year).

Let me know your thoughts….


Once you make the introduction, I will reach out to them and mark the referral on my list so I can send you your $100 check.

(FYI: I can’t credit you for the referral if you don’t provide an upfront introduction.)


Press Releases and Media Pitches


Miscellaneous Details

  • The books have a retail price of $19.95. You can sell your books for however much you choose offline, but I caution you to not discount them unless you have a specific strategy. Your book has value and you should not need to offer discounts because you are valuable. Some authors are donating a portion of their sales to a charity which is a great strategy.
  • All online sales have to be listed at $19.95.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the ladies who pre-sold your books and have immediate deliveries and revenue. SMART!
  • Be sure to write about this project and your story in your blog.
  • Private Mastermind groups – Share with the women in your groups about your new author experience.
  • is another powerful and simple tool for you to schedule your postings.


Join our DPWN Community

And finally, as an author you received a free virtual membership with our community and your profile is listed in the author group on our website, however that does not give you access to any of our live chapters. If you want to join a DPWN Chapter and really get connected into our tribe, you can do so this week and receive 3 extra months free: 15 months for the price of 12


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