Whew!!  ~ We finally made it. J

It seems like things have taken forever, but all of the stories, bios and photos are in and edited. Yeah!!!

I want to thank everyone for their cooperation to get everything together and to Jesica for managing everything. I can tell you that it was not easy…

The content has been sent to our layout designer so that she can put the book together. This process should take about 10 days, and then we will be sending the final book back to you electronically to get your final approval. When that happens, it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you are responsive to Jesica with your final changes/approvals. (Please note that we are only able to make minor changes at this point to ensure the pagination does not change.)

The next steps will be (Not necessarily in this order) to have you review and approve the book cover, pre-launch marketing, ordering of your books, Book debut and the Amazon Best-seller campaign.

For now, I have four things for you to note:

  1. Book Orders: The next steps will be for you to place your final book orders so that I can lock in the pricing with the printer and get us on the schedule. The whole printing process can take up to 4 weeks, but if I get our order in early, we can get in the lineup prior to sending him the final files. If you are not sure how many books to order because you don’t have a plan to leverage your upcoming new Amazon Bestselling Author status, be sure to access the “Print to Profits” training on the resource page of the website. The training includes videos, PowerPoints and a printout for multi-learning styles. https://overcomingmediocrity.org/author-resources/  (You will need the access code)
    TIP: We will be able to order additional book at a later time, but the cost per book will be substantially more because you will not be able to take advantage of bulk pricing. If you plan to use your book for speaking, teaching or networking, I would anticipate purchasing a 2 year supply. By that time, hopefully you will have your own solo book done to add to your expert library.
  2. Pre-Orders: I have attached an Overcoming Mediocrity Order Form for you to use to obtain pre-orders of your books. Some past authors were able to secure financing for their book inventory order by getting pre-orders from their family, friends and customers. (There will be actual 2-part forms available for you at the conference if you want any.)
    TIP: You can set up a simple online ordering process through PayPal.
  3. Dropbox: We have created a Dropbox folder that will contain items for your use throughout the next month. Please bookmark it and as the items are available they will be housed there. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7li2a9wy0exi14l/AAA_MxugZfDZJxVHp8nku30aa?dl=0
  4. Business Summit: We will be debuting the book at the Business Summit we are hosting for the Crain’s Small Business Week in Itasca Illinois. We did not plan this, but we are going to leverage the launch of this book at this big event for the authors benefit. YEAH!!!! More details will be coming soon for this but if you want to participate, mark your calendars for May 4th, 2018. We will have an author table there for you to sell your books. We will coordinate that schedule with the registered authors as the event grows nearer.

If you would like to talk strategy for your unique business, feel free to schedule a call with me to brainstorm.

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