Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

MU173: Mary Ann Stenquist | Become Unshoppable: Find The Money To Fund The Life You Want—With The Money You Have

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:MU173: Mary Ann Stenquist | Become Unshoppable: Find The Money To Fund The Life You Want—With The Money You Have

On Today’s Podcast

This week I sit down with Jackie Geisler. Coach Jackie is your one-stop shop for all things health, happiness, and self-love. She founded Live Free Fitness in 2019 with the mission of helping women change more than just their bodies. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Jackie has helped hundreds of women find confidence, control, deep health, and more vibrancy for life. Since starting the company, she has changed her own mental, physical, and emotional health in even deeper ways. As a result, the vision for the company has shifted to something that’s far bigger than just physical health and body composition change. Jackie helps women recreate how they are living their lives, how they are showing up, and how they are relating to themselves.


How to Connect with Jackie

Instagram: @Jackie_Geisler_Fitness

Tiktok: @Jackie_Geisler_Fitness


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